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PuTTY wish config-locations - chiark home page
blocks: config-struct cmdline-any-option priority: medium: This should be fixed one day. PuTTY stores its configuration and host keys in the registry under ...

PuTTY Known Bugs and Wish List - chiark home page
Nov 25, 2015 ... PuTTY Known Bugs and Wish List ... Search the wishlist: ... config-struct: Remove fixed-length buffers in configuration structure · utf8-default: ...

ExtraPuTTY : Portability
By default, ExtrapuTTY uses directories structure to save its configuration ( sessions, host keys, parameters) to avoid writing anything into the registry. It's possible ...

Improving Putty settings on Windows | Field Commander Wieers
Jan 26, 2008 ... Configure your Putty first, then make entries. ..... uk/~sgtatham/putty/wishlist/drag-drop.html · reply .... it has some kinks to work out but have a tree structure to keep all my servers is invaluable.

Read A Beginner's Guide to Deploying Rails | Leanpub
Jun 3, 2015 ... Library Wish List ... A Quick Look at nginx Server Settings; Deploying a Simple Sinatra App ..... add it to your PuTTY SSH session settings by going to Connection ...... Mina creates the following directory structure for projects:.

Install and configure a SSH server on WinXP - Computing Tidbits
Feb 23, 2011 ... This guide explains how to install and configure a SSH server for a ..... Putty config screen (hostname can also be localhost or

Experiment 8: Temperature Logging - SparkFun
Parts List. mbed Starter Kit - Part 8: Temperature Logging SparkFun Wish List .... In the left pane, click “Terminal” to configure PuTTY. Check “Implicit CR in every ...

SSH Access - BigRock
Run the below command: ssh -l user remote-server. Enter the cPanel password. For Windows: Open Putty and enter the Remote Host Name or IP Address.

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